What the volunteer do

At the Festival, most volunteers do a bit of everything, which is the best way to get to know the entire operations team and gain a broad understanding of the festival. If you're open to anything and ready to roll up your sleeves and pitch in wherever needed for the festival, check this option on the registration form. There's nothing wrong with checking off multiple options as well.

Artist Hospitality

As an artist host, you are our local representative and contact for the artist from arrival to departure. You should be solution-oriented and enjoy interacting with various types of people. As an artist host, it's beneficial to familiarize yourself with the city's attractions and dining options. You will play a crucial role in ensuring a great stay for the artist and their crew. Being multilingual, or particularly fluent in English, Russian, Spanish, and French, is advantageous.

Venue Hospitality

The festival uses many venues. As a venue host, you oversee the productions from the moment technicians arrive at the venue until the end of the performance/concert. Ensuring that the venue and backstage area are tidy before artists and the audience arrive is a key responsibility. If you enjoy being in the thick of the action, interacting with different types of people, taking responsibility, and are reliable, then this is for you.

Production (Practical/Rigging)

The best way to experience an action-packed week with us is to join our setup leader for venue jobs involving setup, decoration, preparation, hauling, and good vibes. This role puts you at the heart of the festival circus, ensuring that the venues are ready for the artists and letting you truly feel the festival atmosphere.


If you enjoy seeing a hungry look turn into a satisfied smile, catering is for you. The catering team's task is to ensure that volunteers, artists, and staff have enough food, drink, and kindness to maintain their mood, energy, and creativity throughout eight unforgettable festival days.


As part of our information team, you'll help produce and distribute information about all our performances and help decorate the Festival City for the celebration. We need volunteers to assist with everything from marking venues, graphic production, printing flyers and other informational materials, photography, writing articles, distributing flyers, and hanging posters. Volunteers are also needed in the week leading up to the Festival's start.


As a driver in the transport service, you play a crucial role in festival logistics. Drivers have varied tasks, many of which involve transporting artists to and from the airport. Since the transport service is an essential part of the logistics, you must be punctual, precise, and a safe driver.


Alongside the Festival, we organize the Northern Norwegian Youth Culture Festival (NUK++), and 150 engaged youths come to Harstad to participate. At NUK++, we need volunteers for catering and the secretariat. It's important as a volunteer here to communicate well with youth and help make this their best week. We promise you'll get a lot back from it.

Ticket Sales

Ticket sellers, along with audience hosts, are the Festival's face to the public. They handle door sales and ticket checks at Festival events outside the Culture House and are an essential part of the Festival's front service. Ticket sellers must be prepared to answer questions from the public and be well-versed in the program and the various venues. After each event, there's financial settlement and statistics recording, for which you will be trained.

Audience Hospitality

Audience hosts, along with ticket sellers, are the face of the Festival to the public. As an audience host, you oversee security and admission of the public (except at Harstad Culture House) and coordinate with venue hosts at each event. Typically, you arrive an hour before the event to help with venue setup and perform simple cleanup after the event ends. It's also important to familiarize yourself with the Festival's program as a host may receive questions from the public.