Nordaførr Mandag

Monday, June 27

Location: Festspillhuset, Storgata 18

09:30 - Registration and coffee

10:00 - Going in style

Opening of NORDAFØRR

Anette Trettebergstuen, Minister of Culture and Equality

Ragnheidur Skúladóttir, Director of Festspillene i Nord-Norge

10:00 - Introduction of the NORDAFØRR program

Round of introductions

11:00 - Going forward – where do we go from here?

Sigtryggur Baldursson, manager of Iceland Music* and former

drummer of the Sugarcubes in conversation with

Per Martinsen**, a.k Mental Overdrive.

* Iceland Music is the music export offi ce of Iceland. The offi ce facilitates the growth and development of the Icelandic music sector through building relationships between musicians and the various services that support their careers, such as festivals, PR and labels, and transnational promotion. Iceland Music also administers a number of export grants to Icelandic musicians which help them perform internationally.

** Per Martinsen is a Norwegian composer and musician who works with electronic dance music. He also has a multi-artistic practice, and has created installation works and composed for film and theater. He has played under several aliases, but has used the artist name Mental Overdrive since the late 80’s, when he was one of the fi rst Norwegian techno musicians to make a big international impact.

11:30 - Going international – from Harstad to Berlin

Inger Nordvik in conversation with Music Norway.

12:00 - Going to hell – conversation about crossing artistic boarders

Jørn Stubberud* and Lost and Found Productions** talk about diving into deep waters in their newest projects.

*Jørn Stubberud is the bass player of the legendary band Mayhem and Festspillene i Nord-Norge´s profi le artist (2021-2023). He will premiere a performative concert project in collaboration with Erna Ómarsdóttir and Valdimar Jóhannsson in the 2023 editon of the festival.

** Lost and Found Productions is a theater company based on Andøya in Northern Norway. The company was founded by Nikoline J. Spjelkavik and Victoria FS Røising in 2016. Their work is interdisciplinary with focus on audiovisual theater. Their project Witch Club Satan has a premier in this years festival.

12:30 - Going to lunch 

Musikkkontoret* hosts locally sourced vegetarian lunch at Festspillhuset

* is a resource bank for the music industry in Norway.

13:15 - Going artistic - Opening of Disorommet

15:00 - Going artistic - Guided tour at Galleri Nord-Norge

16:00 - Going artistic - Jorden Hvisker til deg (The Earth Whispers to you)

17:00 - Going to dinner – The Festival restaurant at Thon Hotel

from 18:00 - Going artistic

Program to choose from:




Inger Nordvik

Pil og Bue



Midnight - Going towards the sun – midnight festivities in Altevågen

(same place as Diorama plays)