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Festival Profile, Georg Buljo. Photo: Brynjar Erdahl

This year VOICES is the central theme of the Festival. The public will have the opportunity of hearing a broad range of artists and performances. Eight days of music from Sapmi and countries to the east, such as Russia, Croatia, China, Macedonia, and Poland. There will also be a celebration of gypsy culture and heritage as well an enlightening look at environmental issues. Young Art, jazz, Sibelius, visual play, folk music, chamber music, choir and so much more.

Festival Profile 2015

Georg Buljo is this year´s festival profile artist. Buljo is blessed with a creative voice which shifts effortlessly between genres.  A new festival commission: Maze will transform Harstad Kulturhus into an aural and visual labyrinth. Georg has handpicked a gallery of leading Samí artists, whose concerts will underline the dazzling diversity of Samí music and theatre. With roots in Kautokeino and a remarkable gift for improvisation, Buljo is constantly renewing and invigorating Samí culture. This year we also head east to various countries. Harstad will live and breath the rhythms, beauty, passion and melancholy of music from Helsinki to Beijing.

From Russia with love

Culture can play a unique role in stretching out the hand of friendship even as international politics appears to be going in the opposite direction. The festival is greatly looking forward to presenting a stunning celebration of Russian music and culture this year.  From jocular dance/folk music and classical chamber music to heartrending orthodox repertoire for male choir. The jewel in the crown could well be a breathtaking stage adaptation of Anna Karenina. Norway´s Gørild Mauseth plays one of history´s most cherished femme fatales with a supporting cast from Vladivostok´s Gorky Theatre.

Diverse, inclusive and innovative

Artists from 26 nations will descend upon Harstad in June. Many of them will be visiting Norway for the first time. Groups such as Ajinai, Takula, Trad. Attack, and Otava Yo,  as well as stage productions The Trail, Leo, Imagine Toi and Anton, Luka and Benjamin will all be bringing something new and exciting to Northern Norway. The Arts Festival of North Norway presents arts and cultural experiences which often interact with the public. We encourage all our visitors to discover treasures they did not know exist, and did not know they would fall in love with.

Themed packages and festival passes

From 2013 it has been possible for the public to buy both a three-day and week pass. This year we are launching five different theme based packages at discount prices.

Young Artists Focus

Monica Heldal, Oh, Quartetto Testosterone, Snakka San & SVER, Sondre Justad and award winning new talents Nora Konstanse, Likholmen and Elias Narendran demonstrate the high quality and diversity of young Norwegian artists. The Arts Festival of North Norway is committed to finding voices for the future and to giving them a platform.


Seldom has the festival looked so much forward to St. Hans evening. Reza e i Ragazzi, consists of the elite of Norwegian opera soloists. They come to our festive city led by true classical music rebel Reza Aghamir. 13 earnest fellows will perform Grieg as he has never been heard before, classical opera aria, along with a few surprises…

When the public plays a roll

The festival enjoys encouraging our audience to play an active roll in various events. Interaction is a favourite watchword. The renowned, French ensemble Le G. Bistaki with a background in the circus and street theatre come with French clay roof tiles and a collection of ladies bags. They promise to whisk the audience away on an outdoor wandering entitled `Cooperatzia The Trail´. Former Cirque du Soleil star and clown Julien Cottereau´s mime comedy performance `Imagine Toi´ will set the public´s imagination alight. Noise Control was commissioned by the Insomnia Festival in Tromsø in the Autumn of 2014. The festival is overjoyed that we can give this performance a fresh airing. Noise Control is an installation/performance with music and dance, where the public is asked to influence how the performance should unfold.

LEO is the year´s most visually deceptive treat. It plays delightfully with our senses and is an enchanting production which turns gravity on it´s head. In both our Young Artists´ performances the audience become participants, whilst Anton, Luka and Benjamin encourage local children to interact.

NUK++ come to the main concert hall

Last year the NUK++ grand finale took place at Laugen in front of a large audience. This year our closing performance will take place in the main concert hall of Harstad Kulturhus (Saturday, 27th June).

Northern Norway

In 2015 16 productions and 22 concerts focus upon artists with connections to Northern Norway. Two childrens´ productions and ten of our instructors for childrens´ workshops, seminars and three exhibitions also herald from the north.

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The Arts Festival of North Norway  - Harstad – 20th to 27th of June 2015.