About us

Arctic Arts Festival

The Arctic Arts Festival has great faith in arts from the north! The festival is an Arctic event with ambitions of becoming the world´s most important arts festival for the entire Arctic region. Together with strong profiles of local arts and culture, the festival sets in motion fresh creative projects. We encourage collaborations which bring together different northern regions, and wish to take up a leading role as a facilitator of network building and as an arena for Arctic arts and culture. We will foreground new constellations, partnerships and groundbreaking independent productions.

The Arctic Arts Festival is full of contrasts. Between past and present. Dreams and disillusions. North and south. Flight and a sense of security. Big artistic themes in demanding times. The festival will strenghthen its role as a meeting place for the northern cultural branches and make arts and culture relevant for a wider public. There is a key emphasis on the northern part of the world.

The Arctic Arts Festival administers arts funding which amounts to awards of in total, 1,3 million kroner annually. The aim is to stimulate local arts and culture, and to fund diverse projects in the fields of theatre, music and visual arts. Through our Young Artists Stipend and Tour funding we allocate support for creative theatrical projects which challenge the boundaries of artistic expression through new collaborations. We want to provide the opportunity for artists to think big, push the boundaries and take chances!

The Arctic Arts Festival arranges annually NUK++ (The Northern Norwegian Youth Festival) during festival week. In order to enliven what NUK++ has to offer young people we are going through a process of restructuring this year, and will bring back our youth festival in the jubilee year of 2017.

The Arctic Arts Festival is active throughout the year and has arranged annual festivals in Harstad since 1965. From 1995 to 2015 the festival was officially designated as an  ”artistic hub”. The Arctic Arts Festival is made possible through various sources of funding from the Norwegian state, Finnmark, Troms and Nordland regional councils, as well as the local Harstad council.

In February 2016 the festival launched a new arts and culture magazine called HØTT which will be released twice a year. 

Don't miss out on our programme in 2018 – Arctic Arts Festival 2018 will take place from the 23rd to 30th of June.