NUK++ A Cultural Youth Festival 

Fotograf: Einar Nymoen NUK++2014

The youth festival, NUK++, is an integrated cultural festival for young people between the age 14-20, where people with disabilities participate on equal terms. We offer workshops that are open to all.  Every year, around 100 young people from across Northern Norway travel to Harstad for six days to take part in various arts- and cultural workshops.

NUK++ is based at Heggen videregående skole, where all activities such as creative work at the workshops, accommodation and meals take place.

During the daytime young people participate in around 10 different arts workshops led by professional instructors. Later in the day the participants can take advantage of all that the festival has to offer, whilst the Ungdommens Hus in Harstad remains a popular gathering point. 

The week concludes with all the participants joining together to create a large production/performance where they can present the results from the workshops. This performance is included in the official festival programme of the Arctic Arts Festival. 

NUK++ has created great memories for youth in more than 20 years, a week many returning participants refer to as "the best week of the year". 

NUK++ is a part of the Actic Arts Festival. 

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.
Email to Sølvi Katrine Andersen



During NUK++2013 the film maker Vibeke Heide was in attendance and she filmed and interviewed some of our young participants. 

The result was a fabulous film portrait which recieved its premiere during the opening of NUK++2014.

Take a look at this short clip from the film! (in Norwegian)